Plundering the Planet

Yesterday was the official book launch of Ugo Bardi’s new Report to the Club of Rome, called “Plundering the Planet” in Switzerland:

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Plundering the Planet is the 33rd Report to the Club of Rome, signifying that it has been peer reviewed by experts to ensure it is scientifically rigorous, innovative and contributes a new, important element to the debate about humanity’s predicament.

In Plundering the Planet, energy expert and professor of chemistry Ugo Bardi says that we are reaching the limits of economically feasible extraction of a number of mineral commodities, including metals and fossil fuels. The world will never run out of its minerals but extracting them will prove far more expensive. This will be one of the most important challenges of our civilization’s future…

Ugo Bardi is a Professor, teaching physical chemistry at the University of Florence, in Italy. He is an expert in resource depletion, system dynamics modeling, climate science and renewable energy. His most recent book is The Limits to Growth Revisited (Springer 2011).

The English edition of the Report will be published with Chelsea Green in early 2014.

The German edition of the new Report to the Club of Rome Plundering the Planet – How to Manage the Earth’s Limited Mineral Resources has been published by the oekom Verlag, ISBN-13: 978-3-86581-410-4, Munich, 2013. More information here.

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