Basic Concepts

72029_186170938065803_2893028_nWe all live in a globalized world with many challenges. Today and in the near future, humanity will face six major crisis: poverty, food shortages, ecologycal & environmental crisis, financial & economical crisis, work shortage, security crisis.

We need to look and think about these global issues in a systemic way: All this global crises are interconnected and linked with each others (mutual interdependence). All have a common origin, all can be tracked back to similar underlying factors and “root causes”. They are all anthropogenic in origin (all are expressions of human ideas, values and actions) NOT inalienable laws of nature!

This is why we cannot solve just one single crisis by itself with our “piecemeal” strategy and system…. This is why we have to change our ideas, values and actions in order to solve them! We have to change our economic system and update our intitutions and governance systems

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